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The Magic Carpet

During lockdown the world stood still. For me as a Projector, it was – despite everything – paradise on earth. Finally, there was enough time and calmed energy available to realise my vision of a handcrafted bodygraph. It was to be large, soft, colourful and without the sometimes misleading details – a playground of life.

Barbara and Seraina – friends, gifted craftswomen AND Generators – tinkered and worked with me for weeks on this rug. Wool felt with fleece wool, woven in with countless needle stitches, thoughts and feelings – all under the supervision of the wonderful Maxi. The result is a priceless unique piece and great joy. Thank you, Barbara, Seraina & Maxi for this beautiful journey!

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Hypnosis, KitchenCoaching

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Shiatsu, Coaching and Heart Ceremonies

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A heartfelt thank you to the Aare river and all the waters of the world. Ice bathing has enriched my life with important experiences and wonderful people. Thank you Helena for introducing me to the grace of leaving my comfort zone. Or, as Wim Hof says so beautifully: “Let the body do what it is capable of doing.” 

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